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Some common questions:

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What is the price range for a mobile communications vehicle?

NACS builds units that range in size, type, and capabilities. Pricing of the unit is determined by the Chassis type and the installed communications capabilities. The chassis can be a custom-built towable unit, gasoline powered unit or diesel powered unit. Installed communications equipment can range from simple agency radios to full-scale Mobile EOC. Our expertise is maximizing the vehicle based on the budget and communications needs of the agency. Since we install and integrate all of the available technology ourselves, we carefully manage cost and control the quality of the finished product. Price Range is $100,000.00 to $750,000.00.

Can the unit be custom designed or is it a standard configuration?

Each of our units is custom designed and custom built. All interior modifications are done by NACS cabinet makers and carpenters. Rooftops are custom engineered and built for stable communications platforms. Communications and IT integration are done by NACS technicians. Even the electrical systems are custom engineered. We utilize Chassis, Engines and systems that are easily serviced around the country.

Are there any floor plans available for review?

Yes we have some samples you can look at here.

Can the Mobile Unit function as an alternate Emergency Operations Center?

Absolutely. With the proper technology onboard, most of the same functions within the EOC can be done from the mobile unit. Server Computer design will handle currently utilized CAD, GIS or other software. Broadband Internet access via several auto-deploy auto-tracking satellite systems is available. Video teleconferencing, voice/IP communications, even live video streaming can be accomplished from the unit.

How can I get custom specifications for my agency?

Simply call NACS and give us your general idea of the level of communications your agency needs. We'll ask some simple questions about the general layout and space requirements for personnel. An idea of your budget is helpful, but not mandatory, in order for NACS to specify the proper chassis and equipment. We'll take your input and design a unit that will be capable of handling the communications needs of your region of operations. There will be no charge.

What is EOC Link, the new system designed by NACS and Comlabs?

Utilizing the very latest VSAT technology, NACS can directly link the Mobile Operations Unit with the existing EOC or Headquarters. This means seamless information flow from the remote deployment, voice, data and video. Even the phone lines onboard the unit become extension phones of the main facility.

Who is my contact for help at NACS?

Contact anyone at NACS at anytime. We are all dedicated to assisting any agency. If you want to talk technology or need assistance putting together your own unit, call us. We won't charge you anything.

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