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GDSI Announces Innovative, Affordable Leasing Program for North American Custom Specialty Vehicles

GDSI’s NACS Vehicles Ships Very Large Mobile Command Center to Aid USDA in Avian Flu Control

International Financing Expert Edwin J. Wang Joins GDSI’s Growing Team of Senior Advisers

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Global Digital Solutions’ acquisition and integration strategy is the linchpin to our goal of becoming a leading provider of defense technology-based solutions and systems to commercial customers, the U.S. military and foreign allies, and U.S. government civil agencies and friendly counterparts.

Cyber-based technologies, coupled with enhanced digital product development and distribution, will be key factors in our growth plan. This model, which takes advantage of market trends, technological advances and industry consolidations to fuel profitable growth, presents a value proposition that is perfectly suited to the military armament industry, an industry that is heavily fragmented and evolving rapidly toward a RFID/WiFi-enabled technology platform.

In this dynamic environment, we see enormous opportunity to consolidate this market with a program of targeted acquisitions. Technological convergence is the future in this arena.

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GDSI’s NACS Vehicles Ships Very Large Mobile Command Center to Aid USDA in Avian Flu Control

NACS Vehicles

Expanding the Company's traditional public sector customer base, GDSI recently shipped a large customized mobile command center vehicle to a major corporate entity - the leading provider of environmental, energy and industrial services in North America. The sophisticated, state-of-the-art vehicle was manufactured in Melbourne, Florida, by GDSI's wholly owned subsidiary, North American Custom Specialty Vehicles (NACSV).

The Mobile Command Center aided the U.S. Department of Agriculture's efforts to control the avian influenza that was found in 13 turkey flocks in Minnesota, with each flock comprising at least 430,300 birds. The virus has been detected in commercial and backyard flocks amounting to at least eight million birds. To meet expected demand for more NACSV Mobile Command Centers, the Company is exploring ways to expedite delivery of additional emergency vehicles to help our customers respond to this emergency situation.

"The sale of this large mobile command center to a major corporation is indicative of our global growth strategy," said Richard J. Sullivan, GDSI's Chairman and CEO. "Our goal is to continue expanding beyond our traditional customer base in the public sector. We expect to provide vehicles for technical services, industrial and field services and oil and gas field services. GDSI is committed to expanding NACSV's 25-year customer base in the U.S. and internationally to help more organizations and communities meet their growing security, surveillance and emergency management needs."

GDSI Announces Innovative, Affordable Leasing Program for North American Custom Specialty Vehicles

New Program Will Assist Municipalities, Government Agencies, Universities and Other Potential Customers in Acquiring GDSI's Mobile Command Center Vehicles

GDSI has announced it has secured the necessary financing to create an innovative and affordable leasing program designed to assist municipalities, government agencies, universities and other customers who want to lease GDSI's mobile emergency command center vehicles.

The new GDSI financing facility and leasing program will allow customers to lease customized mobile emergency command centers and surveillance vehicles that are manufactured exclusively in Melbourne, Florida, by North American Custom Specialty Vehicles (NACSV), GDSI's wholly owned subsidiary.

GDSI's new mobile command center leases – which the company believes are not now offered by competing companies – will be unlike typical business or personal vehicle leases. GDSI's leases will have no mileage limits, no maintenance or other condition requirements, and no end-of-lease buy-outs. Ownership passes to the city, county or state on delivery. Unlike cash-up-front purchases, municipal leases spread the cost over multiple budget periods, thereby making the acquisition more affordable on a pay-as-you-go basis.

"Our new affordable leasing program was established because funds and grants that were readily available after the terrorist attacks on 9/11 have been depleted," said Richard J. Sullivan, GDSI's Chairman and CEO.  "As a result, many agencies and municipalities have struggled to find funds to provide protection and security for clients, staff, and citizens. Our leasing program will make it much easier for our customers to provide necessary emergency and security services in their communities. At GDSI, we believe state-of-the-art security should be affordable."  

With this new leasing program, GDSI believes that even small towns will be able to apply to receive a NACS Mobile Command Center. Over the period of only one week, two new customers have already taken advantage of the new leasing program. Because of this new leasing program, NACSV now forecasts that 2016 could be its most productive year on record, with annual profits expected to triple over the previous year.